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Can I Cover An Old Tattoo With Microblading?

Brows & Artistry’s Guide to Semi-Permanent Make

As popular as microblading has become, so has the ever-growing amount of women looking for correctional work. Clients with an existing eyebrow tattoo or semi-permanent makeup, who are not happy with the final result, struggle to find eyebrow/cosmetic tattoo artist that will perform over other artists work. This increases the demand for correctional work, as the need for colour refreshing, symmetrical rebalancing or a complete redo is there. So, I have put together as much information on the subject, to help answer one of the most commonly asked questions within the Cosmetic Tattooing. Second to "Are They Going To Look Too Thick And Dark?'' sigh*

"Can you perform microblading over an existing tattoo?"

The Answer is … YES!

Each year Brows & Artistry correct over 35 brow tattoo procedures. Not only colour correcting, but also totally redefining and recreating a beautiful natural shape. However, the result is greatly determined by two factors, the depth of the blade/needing, F.Y.I ( a needled tattoo is not microblading) and the darkness of the original pigment.

Here’s everything you need to know.


I always tell my clients there is no guarantee of a natural-looking brow if the previous tattoo has not lightened and if the pigment has been deposited too deep. If your previous eyebrow tattoo is dark, the hair strokes will not show up. Think about it like this: if you drew an eyebrow on paper and filled it in with a pen, and then drew hair strokes over the top, with the same pen, you would not be able to see the hair strokes. However, if the pigment is a level 2 and above, a medium brown or lighter, then fine pigmented hair strokes can be applied. If the colour is too dark but the shape is incorrectly placed or thin, hair strokes can still be applied outside the shape to fluff the appearance of the brows to soften the harsh look of a blocked eyebrow tattoo. However, this is only possible when the previous shape is thinner than the new shape I would be creating and applying. There are also further correctional procedures Brows & Artistry can do, which conquer unnatural colours coming through the brows, this is caused by high iron oxide-based pigments or cheap metal-based pigments that severely affect the tone and colour that remains. correcting. The most common post-procedure colours are salmon, pink, red, grey, green and greyish blue.


Brows & Artistry do not perform shading or block pigment implanting over a previous tattoo. We only perform the mircoblading procedure. This is a (no needle/gun) procedure. I specialise in following the natural direction of human hair growth, adding a fluffy hair look to reduce the severity of a blocked, bold, heavy brow tattoo. However due to part of my work being to cover up previous work, we can apply a new shape directly over the old tattoo, not only covering up, but also removing the attention from the previous shape and colour and drawing attention to the new, natural, symmetrically designed brow shape. This is my go-to procedure to help align and reposition the brows when the width/shape of the existing tattoo is too far out from the natural symmetrical measurement that I aim to adhere to.


My recommendation, when a pigment is too dark, deep or blocked in shape, is to have it removed. If you choose the have them removed, I highly recommend “saline removal” or “laser removal”.

Pico laser removal is one of the most advanced forms of laser removal currently within the dermal industry. A dermal therapist, or skin specialist will be able to make a recommendation based on your cosmetic tattoo.


I sincerely hope this helps you in understanding your options when looking into correctional work for existing eyebrow tattoo or semi permanent makeup. If you have any questions, please CONTACT Brows & Artistry.

Written By Brydie Smith.

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