Natural Brow Transformation

(Non Tattoo)

This treatment is designed to add more than take away. Over time we naturally experience certain areas of our brows reducing in hair density and length. This can effect the shape of the brow, appearing flat, with minimal arch, thin or receding back from the start section of the brows or the ends. 

The first step consist of measuring, designing then waxing, once the brows are prepared Brydie applies to precisely to the areas in need of correcting, her specially formulated semi percent graphite based tint.

This results in a semi-staining of the areas containing zero, minimal, fair or sparse hair. You will walk out with a fuller, thicker, highly arched, lengthened brow, completely transforming even the thinnest and fairest hairs, resulting in a well defined shape. You’re monthly brow appointment will have you feeling like a new woman, with no need for pencil, or filling for the next 3-5 weeks.

* A Concentrated Brow growth serum is also available, exclusive to Brows & Artistry.

   With 100 testimonials from clients that have reduced hair present through out the brows and     

    lashes due to age, unfair genetics, excessive tweezing or lash extensions.

* Bookings are advised to return within a 4-6 week period to encourage growth and maintain a 

   fierce shape.

Time: 45-60 mins

Price: $65.00


Do you have straight, thin or short, lashes? 

Are you tired of curling them or getting mascara more on your skin that your'e lashes?

Are you tired of the cost, upkeep and damage of lash extensions?

Then our Lash Lift Treatment is for you!


The first step is to asses your lashes and discuss you're desired style, for example whether or not you wear mascara everyday, require a soft or strong curl due to very straight lashes. We then choose a curl size for your eye shape and style. The position and shape is then set to the silicone band, upwards from the root of lash line, to create a realistic curl. Once the setting and neutraliser process is complete a midnight black tint is then applied, to add fullness and depth to each individual hair. This beautifully natural looking curl will hold for up to 6-8 weeks. The use of mascara will not effect the curl.


* If you are wanting a more dramatic result, we recommend starting your 

   ‘Natural Lash Growth Plan", to thicken and lengthen your natural lashes.

   Check out our Lash Growth serum in our product section for more info.


Time: 1 hr  

Price: $130.00


Lash Lift Treatment

Midnight Lash Tint

This treatment not only adds depth and definition to the lashes, it also creates a smokey, shadowed liner effect to the lash line. 

Brows & Artistry’s unique application creates a sultry looking lashes without the need for makeup.


Time: 25 mins 

Price: $40




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