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Skin Treatments

Active 5 Skin Peel

The active ingredients found in our exclusive range of peels can be customised to every client's individual skin concern. Brows & Artistry’s peel range are an absolute game-changer when it comes to achieving ‘Totally Transformed Skin’.

Dramatically reducing uneven skin tone, and other issues such as:

  • Sun damage

  • Pigmentation 

  • Acne scarring

  • Burn Discolouration

  • Age Spots/Rough Dry Areas 

  • Blocked/Open Pors

  • Sunspots/Freckles

  • Dullness

  • Excessive Oily Skin

  • Dehydration

  • Broken Capillaries 

  • Fine Lines/ Wrinkles


Peels also highly stimulate cell turnover & sebum regulation resulting in:

  • A boost of collagen & elastin production

  • Natural dead skin desquamation

  • Smaller pore size

  • A brighter, glowing appearance  

  • Reduction in breakouts, clearing of bacterial build up in constant breakout areas

Our highly active peels are made up of 5 active ingredients that directly target all areas of concern.

Specialising in the areas of pigmentation or discolouration. 


Time: 35 Mins

Price: Face & Neck $185

Full Chest-$280

Hands- $130

                                                     Down Time:

Day Of Peel: The day of the peel you will have a tight, glow to your skin. There is minimal to no redness within 15 mins after the treatment. You are able to wear makeup and resume daily life activities whilst the layer of dead skin is in the process of separation. 

*Our peels do not leave a red/raw after effect, only a sunburn like flaking.

Day 3-4: This is when the dead skin begins to separate, this stage is very visible and often referred to as the (Wrinkled Lady Stage) you will notice the dryness and creepiness of the dead layer and eventually will see it crack and begin to flake. 

*The Products used on the skin from this stage onward are important, we recommend our Rose Hip & Jojoba Oil as it contains no perfumes or lanolin and soothes the skin through the shedding stage. 

Day 5-7: Within this time you will notice any dark spots and pigment flaking away and the skin beneath feeling extremely smooth and clear in appearance. It also may draw up any deeper issues under the skin such as bacteria or sun spots, this is what is encouraged as the second peels then further remove what has been drawn to the surface. Once fully peeled, lightly exfoliate any "slow to shed areas" with a glove exfoliant and soap/cleanser.

Once you are 90% peeled the next peel should be performed to ensure no dead skin is built up between the 3 part process.

*All aftercare will be discussed before your treatment.  

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