Cosmetic Tattoo 

Creation Consultation

This appointment is our first step prior to any cosmetic tattoo procedure. In this booking Brows & Artistry create a personalised design plan for every individual client. This is performed at least 5 days prior to booking you’re procedure. All Brow Creation Consults consists of symmetrical measurements of the face, eye and  lid dimensions and repositioning of the new shape created by designing off the perfect ratio. A semi permanent design pen is then applied to show you where the added width, length or arch is needed.

Your pigment is then personally created drop by drop, based on your skins natural undertones.  A mixture is then applied to the forehead to show the pigments true undertones then matched to perfection.


If a previous tattoo is present, this is where a colour correction and counter colours can be added. All design consults thoroughly explain the aftercare advice, procedure comfort levels, pigment duration, touch ups, and how any medical history, supplements or medication can effect treatment results. 

Once you are completely happy with the newly created shape and colour the design is then added to your personal Cosmetic portfolio and the booking can be made. Lastly a Natural Brow Transformation Transformation is performed. Consisting of a wax and application of a semi permanent tint, allowing you to go home and live in your newly shaped brows before going ahead with your tattoo procedure.

Time: 1 Hour

Price: $100


Microblading (Feather Stroke Brow Tattoo)


Unlike harsh, one size fits all, blocked, blue, black, eyebrow tattoos of the past, Brydie mimics the direction of each individual brow hair, by Microblading the organic pigment  into the skin, hair by hair. Resulting in a ultra-realistic, “grew them over night” shaped to perfection eyebrows, with or without hair present. Each micro-hair is pigment filled into the skin, at the exact dermal depth to ensure a sharp, crisp looking hair stroke, and colour perfection. 

Every procedure is personally customised to the clients facial symmetry and measurements, skin tone, and personal preference.

*See our Creation Consultation to find out more about our design process.



Cosmetic tattooing is commonly referred to as a permanent procedure, however due to the ingredients of the organic pigment used the correct duration of colour should be from 1-3year. Typically clients return for a touch up to sharpen the look of the strokes between 1-2 years post treatment. Some clients will allow them to fade and come back for a touch up 3/4 years post treatment. This greatly depends or the individuals wants, skin type, after care and lifestyle. Due to organic ingredients the skin naturally breaks down the pigment without effecting the colour. If a non organic pigment is used the chances of it holding an iron oxide base ingredient is high, resulting in a green/blue/salmon tone coming through the skin within the first year. These are unsafe for the use of cosmetic tattooing and should always be asked prior to any tattoo procedure. 



There is an art to crafting undetectable, ultra realistic brows, starting with the formula of high quality tools & products combined with Brydie's highly experienced, trained and artistic techniques. Brows & Artistry use only approved organic pigments, disposable single use application of Phi blades, Phi hand piece and medical grade numbing gel.


*Medical Grade Numbing gel/cream is applied

*Creation Consultation To Be performed at Least 4 Days Prior To Any Tattoo.


Time: 1 hr 30 mins

Price: $700


Enhanced Lash Liner Tattoo

This procedure lightly places a black organic pigment on top and in-between the top and bottom lash line. Brydie’s unique technique uses two different needle sizes to blend and shadows a smokey, seamless transition of colour into the corners of the eyes.


This technique not only removes the stop start look, previously seen with eyeliner tattooing, it adds to a full looking lash line and well defined shape to the eyes. This technique creates the illusion of naturally dark featured eyes, without makeup. The choice of a thicker liner or defined lash line can be customised to your preference.

*Medical Grade Numbing gel/cream is applied

Time: 1hr 50 Mins


Top & Bottom: $780

Top or Bottom: $550


Ombré Lip Blend Tattoo

This procedure dramatically enhances the shape and colour of your lips. Whether you want to define the Cupid’s bow, reshape, enhance the border or just refresh and add life to your lips, our Ombré  Lip Blend will achieve it.


Brydie has created a technique that softly transitions the ombré effect of colour from the outer corners to the mid section of the lip. The use of two different sized needles, one sharply defining the border and the second blends a gradual ombred fade out of colour from the borders down to the wet line or centre of the lip. Giving the lips a perfectly seamless blend from the pigment to the natural lip colour.


*Medical Grade Numbing gel/cream is applied

Time: 1hr 50 Mins

Price: $780


Correctional Cosmetic Tattoo


Hair Scalp Follicle Tattoo​ (Male/Female)

Hair follicle pigmentation is a process that uses micro-needles to “tattoo” pigment into the scalp. Creating the appearance of tiny hair follicles to restore the look of a fuller head of hair. The procedure replicates your natural hair follicles while strengthening and adding density to thinning areas. This procedure is great for men who have thinning or recession of their hairline or even patches in the mid section of the scalp.


The duration of the treatment is usually are split over three separate sessions, although the actual time can vary depending on the extent of hair loss and the style you require. During the treatments, micro needles are used to layer pigment dots on your scalp, the tiny “dots” of pigment, placed in the dermal layer of skin, create the illusion of a full head of shaved hair.

Like men, women can also suffer from balding as they lose hair due to events such as childbirth, surgery, stress, and more. The primary goal of treatment for women is to decrease the contrast between the scalp and frontal hairline remains.

*Medical Grade Numbing gel/cream is applied

Time: 2hr Per session.

Up to 4 sessions required.

Price: By Consultation.


Camouflage - Scar/Birth Mark Pigment Correction

This procedure applies an organic based pigment into the effected area of the dermis to correct and camouflage its colouring. Helping to blend more naturally into the surrounding skin tone. It can drastically reduce the discolouration of certain birth marks, such as port wine stain, age spits, pregnancy pigmentation, scars on the face or body caused by accidents, burns surgeries greatly assist in concealing certain

areas of virtaligo.

Stretch marks through pregnancy, weight loss or gain are also drastically reduced with the application of micro-pigmentation, as it camouflages the effects immediately

*Medical Grade Numbing gel/cream is applied

Time: Determined by Consultation

Price: Starting from $250 


Semi Permanent Beauty Enhancement

Freckles/ Beauty Spots

If it’s a Cindy Crawford beauty spot you desire, or a cluster of light freckles over the nose, Brydie’ expertise in makeup artistry and facial symmetry, allows her to achieve perfect placement and size with every beauty enhancement request.

*Medical Grade Numbing gel/cream is applied

Time: Determined by Consultation

Price: Starting from $120.

Dependent on size of area.


Touch Up Procedure

Depending on the individual and treatment type, a touch up procedure is recommended within 4-6 weeks, post treatment, for all tattoo procedures. This is due to the bonding process within this time weakened to the healing process. Adding pigment back into the tattooed area encourages the body to hold the colour, making it harder to push out.  Resulting in less fading and a sharper more defined outcome. Touch up procedures are also a great way to refresh and define any previous tattoos as a yearly maintenance if required.

*Medical: Dependant onProcedure.

*Medical Grade Numbing gel/cream is applied.

Time: Determined by Procedure

Price: Dependent on procedure

Brows: Within 6 weeks of first procedure- $180

Within 14 months- $230

Over 14 Months- -$300

Eyeliner: Within 6 weeks of first procedure- $180

Within 14 months- $250

Over 14 Months- -$350

Ombré Lip Blend: Within 6 weeks of first procedure- $180

Within 14 months- $300

Over 14 Months- -$450



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